Photo by Clayton James Cubitt

Photo by Clayton James Cubitt

About  + C.V.

How we dress is one of our most fundamental modes of expression. Anna has extensively researched the human need to define oneself in dress and has performed internationally as an designer and artist articulating themes of ritualized clothing and the sociological impetus for adornment.  Anna is a 15 year veteran of the fashion industry. 

Anna Telcs was born in England, then raised and educated in Seattle--surrounded by both a striking physical landscape and a cultural and economic milieu revered for its strides in technology and sustainability.  Anna studied Humanities at Seattle University (BA, 1999), and received a BFA in Industrial Design (2003) at the University of Washington, graduating with honors and the recipient of three scholarship grants. Building a career focused around the intersections of fashion, art, and business, Anna has worked for independent and innovative fashion houses, including Thom Browne and Helmut Lang and London Fog.  Concerned with issues developing within the industry, Anna has an ongoing body of artwork entitled The Dowsing which reflects her observations on the dichotomy between the origins of fashion and the sometimes-ephemeral trends created when designers lose touch of our history and humanity.  Presenting her art and costuming work in museums and exhibitions worldwide, highlights include showing at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's Works and Process Show, The Henry Art Gallery, The Frye Art Museum and The Seattle Art Museum.  Two of Anna’s collaborative pieces were accepted to the permanent collection of The Frye Art Museum.

From 2008, Anna has worked as a creative consultant for select clients including Microsoft, Totokaelo and NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) and has spoken internationally about the complexity of fashion’s sociological and environmental impacts.  In 2015 Anna went to work in London for NJAL as Agency Head, leading community and institutional projects across the E.U.. Anna is currently residing in Los Angeles and creating work inspired by those trying to simplify and invigorate the fashion system.

CURriculm Vitae + Press

Select Work Experience:

Head of Product/Agency | Not Just A Label, London, England 2015-2016

Creative Director (Contract) | Baby & Company, Seattle, WA 2013-2015, 2016-2017

Buyer | Totokaelo, Inc.,  Seattle, WA, 2009-2010

Accessory and Trim Developer |  Helmut Lang, New York City, New York 2007- 2008

Production Manager and Assistant Designer |  Thom Browne Inc.,  New York City, New York 2006 - 2007

Trim and Accessories Designer |  London Fog Group, New York City, New York 2005 - 2006


Invited Lectures and Panels:

2018 Women's History Month in Design, Panel Discussion at The Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica, CA

2017  Possible presents Inspired By with Anna Telcs, Seattle, WA

2017   Olson Kundig Monday Morning Meeting Presentation ‘Fashion’s New Landscape”,  Seattle, WA

2016   Ethical Fashion panel discussion for Edinburgh Fashion Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

2016   Authentic Radicalism with Not Just A Label at Maison Assouline, London, UK

2015   The Frye Art Museum 1900: Adornment for the Home and Body, Gallery Discussion.  Seattle, WA

2015   Olson Kundig Monday Morning Meeting Presentation of The Dowsing. Seattle, WA

2015   University of Washington School of Art Successful Alumni Talk.  Seattle, WA

2014   Creative Mornings Portland Design Week, Theme of Cross-Pollination.  Portland, OR

2013   The Art of Fashion and Manufacturing, 3 Talks (lead speaker with guests Nin Truong, Dick Meyerand Strath   Shepard), The Henry Art Gallery, The University of Washington Museum, Seattle, WA

2012   Screen Style Panel Discussion, (with Strath Shepard and Robin Held), Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA 

2012   Toast To Robin Held, (with Yoko Ott, Ryan Mitchell, and Suzie Lee), Seattle, WA

2011   Costume and Textiles Gallery Talk, (with textile artist Mandy Greer), The FryeArt Museum, Seattle, WA

2003   Industrial Design Society of America Senior Merit Award Presentation, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA


Grants and Awards:

2014     MAPP International Residency for PICA TBD Festival with Samita Sinha Portland, OR

2014     MAPP International Residency, BricLab with Samita Sinha, Brooklyn, NY

2013     City Artists Grant Awarded by Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. Seattle, WA

2012     Solo Residency, Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, A Laboratory For Performance Art, South Hampton, NY

2011     Group Residency w/ Saint Genet, Mighty Tieton, Artist in Residence, Tieton, WA

2009     Finalist for Municipal Bike Parking Design, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle, WA

2003     Boyer and Elizabeth Gonzales Scholarship for Design, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2003     Industrial Design Society of America, Senior Merit Award Winner, Western District, Seattle, WA

2003     Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship Graduating with Excellence Award, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2002     Environmental Design Research Grant, awarded by the University of Washington, Seattle, WA 

2002     IDSA Chapter Chair for the University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Solo Exhibitions and Performances: 

2018   The Dowsing Presentation for the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art Meta Gala, Portland, OR

2013   The Dowsing, 2013, (performance) The Henry Art Gallery, The University of Washington Museum, Seattle, WA

2013   The Dowsing 2013, The Art and Fashion of Manufacturing, (museum show), The Henry Art Gallery, The University of Washington Museum, Seattle, WA

2012   The Dowsing, 2012, (performance) The Americas Society, New York, NY

2012   The Dowsing, 2012, (performance) Robert Wilson’s The Watermill Center, A Laboratory for Performance Art, South Hampton, NY


Art in Collections:

2013    Black Constellations, Shabazz Palaces Film, The Frye Art Museum. Director Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes and Curator Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Seattle, WA 

2010    The Bow Dress, acquired by The Frye Art Museum. Curator Robin Held, Seattle, WA


Selected Gallery Shows, Performances and Group Museum Shows:

2018   Yellowfish Durational Arts Festival The Dowsing Performance and Presentation, Seattle, WA

2018   Saint Genet Costume in Collaboration, Vienna, Austria

2018   Four Triangles, A Performance Choreographed by Jay Carlon, Los Angeles, CA

2017    Out Of Sight 2017, Seattle, WA. Produced by Greg Lundgren with curation by Scott Lawrimore. 

2016     Disguise: Masks and Global African Art, collaboration with Artist Brendan Fernandes. Brooklyn Art Museum. April-Sept, 2016. Organized by Kevin Dumouchelle. Brooklyn, NY 

2015     Disguise: Masks and Global African Art, collaboration with Artist Brendan Fernandes. Seattle Art Museum. June-Sept, 2015. Curated by Pam McClusky. Seattle, WA

2014     Cypher by Samita Sinha. PICA TBD Festival, Portland, OR

2014     Fashioning Cascadia, The Museum of Contemporary Craft. May- Oct 2014. Curated by Namita Wiggers and Sarah Margolis-Pineo. Portland, OR

2013     Moment Magnitude, The Frye Art Museum. Curated by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Seattle, WA

2012     The Softer Side of Death, Lundgren Monuments, Curated by Greg Lundgren. Seattle, WA

2011     Saint Genet: Transports of Delirium, (performance) The Lawrimore Project, Seattle WA

2011     No Masterpieces, Dark Arts Gallery, Seattle, WA

2011     Implied Violence: Shorter Are The Prayers In Bed But More Heartfelt, (performance) Curated by Robert Wilson for   The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Works and Process Show, New York, NY

2010     Implied Violence: Yes and More and Yes and Yes and Why, Curated by Robin Held, The Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2010     Implied Violence: The Dorothy, For Better For Worse and Forever, (performance) The Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2009     Implied Violence: Flinch Not and Give Not Back, (performance) Donau Festival, Krems, Austria

2008     Implied Violence: The Dorothy K, (performance) Curated by Robert Wilson and The Watermill Center, New IslandFestival, New York, NY



2015    Certificate in Project Management, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2003    B.F.A., Industrial Design, University of Washington, GPA 3.95,  Seattle, WA

1999    B.A., Humanities, Seattle University, GPA 3.85,  Seattle, WA

1998    Certificate in fashion draping and illustration, Central Saint Martins, London, England



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