Not Just A Label collaborates with BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development / by Anna Telcs

Not Just A Label (NJAL) was asked to act as a professional contact for second year London College of Fashion apparel design students. Giving the designers customer profiles and working with professor James Butler to put the students in groups of 12, the designers went to work collaborating on 12 collections based on the NJAL profiles. 

The students did a fantastic job working together (a tall order to be sure), creating their brands and unifying their message to create compelling designs that truly respected the design brief from Not Just A Label.  NJAL’s e-commerce and digital marketing teams were very impressed with the level of finished work presented by the student collaborations. We look forward to engaging with LCF’s talent in the future. Read more here

The students worked in groups of 12 to create brands, a collection and marketing materials. I was excited to work with LCF in such a hands-on way, to offer feedback in all aspects throughout the design and branding processes. The students were tasked with collaboratively creating a brand, a collection and marketing material to follow customer profiles offered from NJAL.