Anna Telcs at Yellowfish Festival V, A Durational Arts Festival 2018 / by Anna Telcs

The 5th season of the Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival focuses on the theme of time passed. A week of durational performances will be held in Seattle, Washington.  Anna Telcs is excited to dress the four women who are curating and producing the festival.  As artists, dancers and performers first, then curators and performers second, the women of Yellowfish were asked to write personal statements about their relationship to clothing and symbolism of dress.  Telcs ruminating on the writings has conceived a costume/uniform to wear in duration throughout the festival week.  The work created is the continuation of her work called The Dowsing: Font, a body of work that relates the psychology of symbolism in dress to a future concept of entirely customizable and interchangeable pieces.  Telcs will give a talk about the research driving The Dowsing: Font and will explain her working prototypes.   

The Hedreen Gallery at 2:30pm August 31, 2018.           Site and Schedule of Yellowfish 2018 Events


The Dowsing Nightgown